Gretel and Hansel

Book and Lyrics by
Kate Hawley

Licensed by Aldea Publishing 480-922-5958

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All photos by R.R. Jones and Steve DiBartolomeo

Gretel and Hansel-a new twist on an old tail, is a full length family musical. This lively entertainment, in the English pantomime tradition, features 18 songs and with styles ranging from rap to musical theatre to Kurt Weill. Carmen Monoxide, a witch with culinary ambition, loves children--fried. With the help of their housecat Tom and the Glamourpusses as well as Bearly Civil and the Crowation Cawrus, Gretel and Hansel thwart the evil Carmen and learn a valuable lesson about the nature of true happiness.

“first let’s get one thing straight: Gretel and Hansel isn’t just a show for kids. It is a show that miraculously manages to cater to adults too, sometimes to the point of being racy”-Metro Santa Cruz








“clocking in at two hours, is this colorful musical, full of whimsy, clever writing. And luscious costumes. It adds talking carts, a dancing bear, and a flock of crows. It might just be better than the original, captivating audiences of all ages”-Good Times

“a serendipitous treat that involves its audience in the fun and excitement of live theatre, and enchants youngsters with its fairy story and charismatic cast… The perfect holiday treat”- The Register



“broadly comic acting styles, witty contemporary references, dazzling sets, and cheeky songs highlight this light-hearted family setting nicely in keeping with the holiday season.”-Santa Cruz Sentinel

“Shakespeare Santa Cruz dishes up one of the tastiest treats of the holiday season. The witty, highly topical book and lyrics are by Kate Hawley, and the infectious tunes are by Craig Bohmler. What other holiday show can boast rapping crows, and a hip-hop dancing bear?”-San Jose Mercury News