How To Make A Musical

Book by Marc Jacobs
Lyrics by Marion Adler

Licensed by
American Musical Theatre of San Jose

Technical Requirements.

All photos by David Allen

How to Make a Musical is a fun, irreverent look at how musical theatre works. It takes a “typical” day in the life of a high school student (Chris), and contrasts each episode in his quest to win the girl of his dreams (Jessica), by presenting each scene both as how it would be in “reality,” and how it would be played if it were in a musical. A Professor guides us through defining the Chris’s objectives, his “I want” song, conflict with the school’s star quarter back (Bruno, who is also trying to get Jessica), ballads, an opening chorus, and even an “eleven o’clock number” meant to send the audience out humming the score. There is also, of course, a character couple, typical of most musicals, who get their own quirky comedy song to comment on the progress of the love affair. The point of How to Make a Musical is to take subjects that are amusing and entertaining to student audiences and show how these events are treated in musical theatre form. It gives audiences a greater awareness of how entertainment uses structure and form to gain their involvement. At the same time, it shows how theatre focuses and transforms the raw material of daily life into entertainment and even art.

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