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GUNMETAL BLUES is a hard-boiled detective yarn disguised as a lounge act. Or maybe it's the other way around. Live from the Red Eye Lounge piano player and tour guide, Buddy Toupee, leads us on a voyage of mystery, murder, and music as Sam Galahad searches for a missing blonde in a world of smoke and mirrors, shadows and shattered dreams. Who murdered Adrian Wasp? Was it Carol Indigo, the party girl with the big secret? Or Laura Vesper, the woman with a past? Or was it a mysterious bag lady called the Princess? Will Sam break the case before the crooked cops and the bad guys break him? Will he find the love he thought he lost? Only Buddy Toupee knows. Put a buck in his "Tips" glass. Buddy takes requests.  CLICK HERE FOR PUBLISHER WEBSITE


Scott Wentworth-book, Marion Adler-lyrics

Jenny -
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The Blonde Song -
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Gunmetal Blues -
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Gunmetal Blues was written between 1988-1991 and  was the recipient of both an ASCAP award, and a Dramatist’s Guild Award. It was workshopped at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center as well as the Stratford Festival in Ontario, Canada. Since it’s premiere, it has had over 300 production across the US and Canada, and continues to be a regular offering in the regional theatres. With a cast of three and a single set, this chamber musical has played in cabaret spaces as well as large regional stages   .

Show Essentials

Cast of three:


1. Buddy Toupee- Pianist/singer/actor


2. Sam Galahad- the detective


3. The Blonde


Optional band:  drums/percussion/ bass and reed.


"... intelligent and small scale musical we've see in a long time...brilliantly clever lyrics, and a score that could not be more captivating or sophisticated... a knowing but wistful book"


-New Yorker Magazine 


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